Gluten Free Easter Cookies

These are fantastic! I found a sugar cookie recipe that you can’t tell is gluten free dairy free.

The recipe is here – Gluten Free Cutout Sugar Cookies with Icing Recipe.

When I made these, I did not add lemon (zest or extract). I used Earth Balance instead of butter. Because my kid tolerates goat milk, I used it instead of the coconut milk indicated in the recipe. I don’t like the taste of goat milk, but have found that it baked goods, with minimal amounts, I can’t taste it.

I found that the icing needed way more liquid that called for. I just kept adding until is was the spreadable consistency I wanted. I used a combination of coconut milk and water as the liquid for the icing – I didn’t want a super coconutty flavor.

The sprinkles are the Easter series by Wilton, which are (yay!) gluten and casein free. I hope they continue to make more of their products GFCF. These are super fun with little eggs and bunnies.

The idea was to have my kid help me decorate these, but he was sick with his first cold in a year in a half, so I was on my own. The other part of the plan was to deliver some to our next door neighbors. But then I got sick, and who wants to eat cookies delivered by a coughing, sniffing person? The best laid plans… guess we will be eating them ourselves. Won’t be  a problem.


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