A (Mostly) Recycled and Handmade Christmas

Here is some of the stuff that I have been working on for the boys for Christmas.

Two toys for Bulldog, who is one and likes to sit and figure out how stuff works. A roller xylophone from the thrift store,  $1.99 and a Playskool pop-up toy from a consignment sale, $5.00. A little soap and water and some disinfecting spray, and they are good as new.

Felt food for Monkey, who is three and likes to play kitchen. I found the basket at the thrift store for 99 cents. I made all the food, which includes strawberries, a banana that comes out of the peel, lettuce, tomato slices, a fried egg and two pieces of bread. Other food is in the works, but I just didn’t get it done before the holidays.

Wooden blocks for both boys to add to our collection. This is a combination of two sets. One I found at a consignment sale for $4.50 – that one includes quite a few (if not all) HABA blocks, with interesting cylinder, bridge, and stair shapes. The other set I found at a thrift store for $2.99. It includes most of the primary colored blocks. I gave them a good wash/soak in the sink, then sprayed them with disinfectant.  Just for fun, I counted these before I wrapped them, and there were 99 blocks, which struck me as funny. Where did that last block go?

A dress up set for Monkey. I made the construction, king, and firefighter costumes. More on how to make these here. I found the firefighter and construction hats at the thrift store for 99 cents each. 

A bead maze for Bulldog. This is an IKEA bead maze, which I didn’t notice when I bought it at a consignment sale for $6.00. Now that we have an IKEA, $6.00 seems overpriced. But it was the “best-for-the-price” of the many bead mazes at this particular consignment sale.

It’s unfortunate that I am too frugal to buy new toys for my kids for Christmas. They are really deprived, don’t you think?


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