Sewing for Boys Sew Along – Kickin’ Back Sweats

The February pattern in the  Sewing for Boys Sew Along was the Kickin’ Back Sweats, a lounge pant you can make from either a knit or a woven. I opted for a dark blue knit that has been hanging around my stash since it was on closeout at the local fabric store.

 It is a darn good thing that February has 29 days this year, because I barely squeaked by getting these pants done by the end of the month. But done they are, and boy do I think they are cute. Since it’s February, it is snowing here today, so please excuse the low light in the photos.

They were super easy to whip up too. Even though I procrastinated until the last minute and barely got them done. The way I customized these was to add a reverse applique on the pocket. I saw a few people do reverse applique on the January pattern, the Raw Edged Raglan Shirt, and figured, why not.

Two stars in madras plaid (also on closeout –  I love madras plaid for boys and see a couple pair of shorts in my kids’ future). I just freehanded a star shape for this. And I used this tutorial to learn how to do reverse applique.

Then I just layered the plaid, the sweatshirt knit material, and the stars. I pinned them and stitched around the stars. I was careful not to get too close to the edges in my placement of the stars, because I knew that I needed to stich two layers together and turn it for the pocket, and I didn’t want the applique to run off the edge of the finished pocket.

Also, these ended up being too long for my 50th percentile height kiddo, so I did end up hemming the bottoms, even though one of the great details about this pattern is the unfinished hem.  What can I say – they are so cute that I want him to be able to wear them now. I’m impatient like that.

I see more of these pants in my kid’s future. He thinks they are super comfy. If you plan on making these, a few things you should know. They run big – as in long. I made the 2/3 for my 3 1/2 year old, and they were a good 2 inches too long. I think next time I will adjust the length accordingly, because hemming them did put the pocket at the very bottom of the pant leg. Also, the pant leg is very wide, almost like a bell bottom. I happen to think this is  adorable, especially since so many boys clothes look the same. If you don’t, then this may not be the pattern for you.


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