Recipe Round Up – Other People’s Recipes

These are links to other people’s recipes that have been a hit at our house recently.

These first two are from Parents Magazine. The recipes are free, but yes, you do have to register with their site to get to them. It’s a bummer, but these recipes are worth it, I promise.

Crispy Coconut Chicken (Parents Magazine) Chicken strips that you dredge in mango chutney and lime juice , then bread with bread crumbs and coconut. This calls for multigrain crackers that you then smash up to make breadcrumbs. You could use gluten free crackers, but why bother? I used Glutino brand bread crumbs. That way the work is already done.  Breadcrumbs were the only substitution necessary to make this gluten, dairy and egg free.

Rainbow Rotini – (Parents Magazine) If you have ever eaten at Carraba’s restaurant, and had the Tag Pic Pac (Tagliarini in Picchi Pacchiu sauce) this dish totally reminds me of that, only with chicken too! The name is misleading when you make it with gluten free pasta, because that doesn’t come in the rainbow variety. That’s too bad. Someone should do something about that. Substituting gf pasta was the only change to make this one gluten, dairy and egg free.

Avocado Smoothie – (Family Fun)  I know, right? Sounds weird but is actually tasty. My three year old actually does think it is kindof weird, but the baby likes it. Use the dairy free milk of your choice in this one.

Rachel Ray’s Pasta with Pumpkin and Sausage  – (Food Network) Awesome! I subbed gluten free pasta for the regular penne, and soymilk for the heavy cream.

Crockpot Teriaki Chicken – I borrowed this recipe from a friend via a pin on Pinterest. So very delicious. The sauce is amazing. We served this with hot cooked rice and some microwaved frozen stir fry veggies.


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