Sewing for Boys Sew Along – Let’s Go Fishing Hat…

…and of course the Hold ‘Em Up Belt. As you can tell in this photo, we needed a belt!

Monkey has been asking for a belt “like Daddy’s” for a while now, so the timing of this pattern in the Sew Along was perfect. I used a scrap of this “retro cowboy” fabric I had from a quilt I made.

Here is the Let’s Go Fishing Hat. On my melancholy and wistful child.


I made it in the 4/5 size, even though he is a 3 generally. He has a melon head like me.

The dark fabric is leftover from the Treasure Pocket Pants I made last month. This is the light fabric:

from the Boys Will Be Boys line at – you can find it here.

My husband is a sports fan, and I am not. Maybe that’s why I tire easily of the plethora of boy’s clothing that is sports themed.  I get so annoyed with the abundance of superheroes, sports, and cars.Maybe that’s why I sew for my boys! This fabric is about as “sporty” as I get. I felt like it was a good compromise. Hey, it has balls, right?

Both patterns this month were easy peasy. They were so easy that I really rushed through the hat and as a result the stitching just isn’t the quality that I am comfortable with. Next time I will slow down and pay more attention. But, since I did have so much free “sewing” time this month, I was able to put together the “Dream Big” shirt via the this tutorial and template from Finley and Oliver.

I really love how it turned out.

Monkey loves it too. He asks to wear this shirt all the time.

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2 responses to “Sewing for Boys Sew Along – Let’s Go Fishing Hat…

  1. I really like the “sport” themed fabric for the hat. Great job!

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