A Peanut Allergy. Oh Goody.

In April (yeah, I know that was a while ago) we took Bulldog to the allergist. We knew from feeding him scrambled eggs that he was allergic to eggs, but I wanted to know if he could tolerate egg in baked goods. Many kids with egg allergy can, but you need to find that out at the doctor’s office, just in case. Before they would do the food challenge, we had to do the scratch testing to confirm the allergy. We decided to do the most common food allergens and peanut popped up along with the egg. The nurse came in with an Epi-Pen trainer and a prescription for an Epi-Pen. My world changed in 10 minutes flat. The time it took a welt to raise on my 16 month old’s back.

You don’t think about peanut allergy unless you have to. I didn’t. I didn’t really have any idea how serious it is, apart from knowing that schools ban peanut products, and every once in a while you hear on the news about how a school eff’ed up big time. Peanut is the scary allergy. The one that you can react to from touching a grocery cart that is contaminated. The one where 80% of the reactions involve airway. Luckily, Bulldog has never had a peanut product. With all of Monkey’s intolerances, I was reluctant to introduce peanut, and we went straight to Sunbutter with both boys. But damn, “What if?”

A peanut allergy changes everything. I had to ask our neighbor to stop feeding peanuts to the squirrels because the shells end up in our yard. Playgrounds give me serious pause now. I am still in the process of rethinking the playgroups we belong to – I am not sure how to even bring up the topic without sounding pushy and completely psycho, so we just haven’t gone in a while. And then there is snack in my son’s preschool class at church. Kids with intolerances bring their own snacks – my son does too. But a few weeks ago one of the other kid’s brought a peanut butter LaraBar. My three year old doesn’t have a peanut allergy, but he touches everything, and then goes home to play with his brother with the peanut allergy, who adores him and climbs all over him.

Sigh. I don’t have the tools to manage this. How do other peanut allergy moms do it? Where are they anyway? 

When a Google search proved fruitless I turned to Pinterest. Some people hate Pinterest because it makes us think our real lives aren’t as good as our pretend Pinterest ones (or some of us, anyway – I never felt that way). But it was the only place I found other peanut allergy moms. Here are some of the peanut allergy blogs I have found most helpful.

1.  Food Allergy Fun. There are some awesome cartoons here.

Link to all cartoons here.

2.  Food Allergy Bitch, an excellent, no holds barred blog about food allergies.

3. This rant by Portia at Rants from Mommyland pretty much sums up how I feel.

4. So does this one by Poker Chick at (Mis)Adventures of an Ad Girl In New York.

5. Peanut Allergy Kid is a great site. There is a great page titled, “New to PA?”

I’m still feeling my way into this new territory. I am still grieving the loss of “how I thought it was going to be” – but knowing that there are other people out there doing the same – it helps.

It helps a lot.


4 responses to “A Peanut Allergy. Oh Goody.

  1. Hi. My 14 month old son has a serious enough allergy to eggs that we carry an epi pen. When I walk into a place with children and I see muffin crumbs on the floor, I don’t just see a mess, I see a possible life threatening situation for my child. I know how you feel, and I find that most people who don’t have or don’t have loved ones with food allergies, they don’t really get it. We had his blood drawn to test for multiple food allergies. I am crossing my fingers that peanuts is not one of them. So sorry you have to deal with the allergy. Maybe you can get more information from doing the blood allergy test. Those results are scaled so that you have some idea of how allergic your child may be to a particular thing.

    • Yeah, you totally know what I mean about the panic inducing moments. I am crossing my fingers for you that your son doesn’t have a peanut allergy – egg is enough to deal with by itself!. I will ask the allergist about the blood test – they didn’t mention that one to us when we were in the office. Thanks!

  2. Hello there. Just found your blog. Sorry to hear what you’re dealing with, but promise it’s not as scary most of the time as it is once in a while. Looking forward to reading about your adventures.

    • Thanks! What you said in your comment reminds me of a saying my dad used to quote: “long periods of boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror.” 🙂

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