Taking the Play Dough Pledge

Since the fire nearby makes for bad air quality,  we have summer cabin fever, BAD. We needed a new indoor activity, so I decided to take the Play Dough Pledge, put on by Nurturestore, The Imagination Tree and Sun Hats and Wellie Boots.

Our play dough was getting a bit, well, crusty and hard to knead (also known as no fun to play with). I decided to whip up a new batch.

I love the soft muted colors of homemade play dough. I make ours gluten free (of course) and in the slow cooker. I am telling you, this idea is genius. I got it from Stephanie O’Dea’s cookbook, Make It Fast, Cook It Slow, which I love. At first I thought, “Why on Earth would you make play dough in a slow cooker?”

Then I burned a batch on the stove. You know how it goes. There was screaming, and fighting, and a diaper to be changed. I just forgot. This slow cooker recipe (which is on her website here) is my new go-to.  You can overcook it, if you really try, but at least it doesn’t scorch. Please note: it doesn’t take me as long as she states in the recipe – my dough only takes about an hour.

Monkey was happy to road test the new batch. My favorite play dough tip: use a silicone pastry mat underneath the dough for easy clean up.

See the straws sticking out of the play dough? That great idea came from the Play Dough Pledge pinterest board. We loved it! And we made “play dough worms” by poking the straws into the play dough repeatedly and then squeezing it out of the straw. I decided to bring out a few new metal cookie cutters too. Well, new to me. My mom gave me a giant box of cookie cutters recently.Play Dough Pledge from Feeding My Kid

We had a blast. And the air quality has improved. Yay!


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