Sewing For Boys Sew Along – More Treasure Pocket Pants

Yeah, yeah. I know. The Sew Along pattern for June was the Henry Shirt.  I am working on it. But it’s not done yet.

While I was waiting for fabric to arrive in the mail for the Henry Shirt, I started thinking that all the items I have made so far have been for Monkey. This makes sense, because they will get handed down to Bulldog, and both kids get to wear them. But I felt the little man needed something handmade to call his own. Here he is, having stolen his brother’s Let’s Go Fishing Hat for pete’s sake.

So I made him a pair of Treasure Pocket Pants.

The car fabric has been in my stash for about two years. It is a Junko Matsuda print that I think I got on Etsy. I only had about a half yard, which is why the waistband on these is narrow, instead of the double elastic that the pattern calls for. I just ran out of fabric. I like the effect, though – we will see if that is enough elastic to hold them up. I actually had to use the pieces that I had cut for the pant leg cuffs, which is why these don’t have that either.

The green corduroy I picked up on sale at Joann. The original plan was to use it for a pair of Little Heartbreaker pants. When I saw the two fabrics together, they practically begged to be put together.

They are still a bit too big for Bulldog, which is just fine with me – plenty of time to grow into them.

Henry Shirt coming soon…


4 responses to “Sewing For Boys Sew Along – More Treasure Pocket Pants

  1. Yay! I’m so glad you made a pair for the little guy. I think they turned out great. And I agree with you on the making for the older child question. So many times I’ve wanted to make some thing for the little ones and then realize they’ll never be worn again. They should get a little some thing from time to time though. Way to go, Momma!

  2. I just love the adjustments you made to accommodate the fabric you had! isn’t it great to change something, only to like it better?

  3. Thanks ladies! It was fun to make something for my little guy. I think that the fabric would have been a bit too “young” for my almost four year old anyhow.

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