What I’m Pinning on Pinterest

Here are the blog posts from this week that I found worth keeping. Besides being are all over the maps subject wise, they betray my hippie-feminist-science geek tendencies.

1. A post at Tinkerlab about getting your kids to play with a dollhouse. Yes, I have two boys, and they have a dollhouse. This one from Plan Toys:

The fabulous, non-gender specific Terrace dollhouse. An amazing Christmas gift from grandma. But, it doesn’t get as much use as I would like. It is also severely underfurnished. Who knew tiny furniture could be so expensive? This post has some great suggestions for increasing interest and play.

2. These two posts on Carrots Are Orange about creating and promoting peace and stillness  with your children, and children’s books that teach peace.

3. Yay, science! Two easy, preschooler friendly kitchen science experiments at I Can Teach My Child.

4. Minimalist Mom writes I’m Not Busy (and I’m Proud of It). I couldn’t agree more.

5. A great activity for when we are stuck indoors – a diy cardboard mini golf course at Little Hands, Big Work.

6. A fascinating piece at Food Allergy Bitch about the possible smoking gun in figuring out what causes food allergies. (Hint: It’s triclosan.)


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