Sewing for Boys Sew Along – Luka Hoodie

The Luka Hoodie was the August pattern for the Sewing for Boys Sew Along. I finished it a while ago (though not by the end of August), but I  hadn’t gotten around to taking pictures. Today we had an outing in the cold that offered the opportunity. Sewing For Boys - Luka Hoodie

I made this one out of a Michael Miller skateboard print that I had in my stash, a coordinating grey Kona cotton, and a lining of aqua flannel.

Sewing for Boys  - Luka Hoodie

For me, the pattern came together fairly easily. I did a careful read of the pattern before cutting and realized that the picture in the book does not jive with the cutting instructions, and I really did want my pocket to be in the skateboard fabric, so I had to account for that.

About half way through the project,  I bailed on on making the lining with no seams showing. I just wanted to get it done, and after looking at the diagrams, I couldn’t absorb the origami of how to make it work with no seam showing. Oh well. It’s on the inside anyhow.

Sewing For Boys - Luka Hoodie

Overall this is a really cute pattern. There are just a couple of things that bothered me about the finished product. One is the “v” on the chest where the bottom pocket joins the two top front pieces (just below the buttons.) It is hand stitched closed, and maybe it is just my hand stitching, but it shows horribly – where the machine stitching stops and the hand stitching starts.  It bothers me so much I might actually rip it out and find a way to machine stitch it closed. The other thing is that the elastic in the hood looks a bit wonky to me. I think I would like the hood better with a drawstring or no gathering at all. This may be because the only other hoodies I can compare to are either knit or ripstop nylon, none of which have elastic.  Other than those two details I liked this pattern.


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